Night of the Singing Dead - Join Danny for Halloween

Last year, Halloween was complete with face-bites, Zombie Rides and a very stylish Danny Bonaduce as “Thor”. This year, 102.5 KZOK has plenty more tricks up our sleeve. This Halloween, join Danny and Sarah and the rest of the gang to celebrate all the great classic rockartists that have passed on the to the “great beyond” at Night of the Singing Dead!

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10 big stars from the ‘70s who went wild

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From the small screen and sold-out shows to… trailer parks? Some of the biggest stars from the '70s ended up in drug-fueled drama and one of these stars even got into a sword fight. (Yes, really.) These stars of the ‘70s fell on hard times and many of them have yet to recover.

1Tatum O’Neal

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This Is What The Partridge Family Looks Like 43 Years Later

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It’s been exactly 43 years since The Partridge Family drove their colorfully painted tour bus to the top of both the TV ratings and the music charts. On September 25, 1970, the TV-to-pop-chart smash premiered in the Friday 8:30 p.m. time slot immediately following The Brady Bunch on ABC.

Danny Bonaduce Celebrates 54th Birthday!

By Meral Kathwari, 8/13/2013