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Draw declared in Danny Bonaduce versus Jose Canseco

.Net was there ringside and in Danny's corner at Fight night. (Special thanks to Danny, Amy and Damon Feldman promoter). Besides the numerous local matches the crowd of over 1,500 crammed into the Iceworks arena to see Danny vs. Jose. It was standing room only and packed with celebrities. Seems like even the Associated Press (AP) was fooled by Jose's tattoo shirt, they are reporting he had real tats. We can be the first to report it was just a skin colored shirt with tattoo designs.

Danny took on the 6 foot 4 Jose, in the Samson versus Goliath match of the year. Danny absorbed many blows from Jose but stood right in there with him the entire time, never backing down. Danny had some really good shots at Jose in rounds 1 & 2. Jose had his best shots in rounds 1 & 3. But " Boom Boom Bonaduce" never went down. The match was declared a draw after 3 rounds setting up what could be a great rematch.

Broadcasting Bonaduce interview
by Mandy Feingold

Danny Bonaduce has been a renowned name in both radio and television since the 1970s, when he rose to fame at the age of 10 on The Partridge Family. After a period of well-documented drug problems and even homelessness, Bonaduce resurrected his career in the 1980s by becoming a successful radio personality. His gravelly voice, sense of humor and frank personality led him to his first radio job at Top 40 WEGX (Eagle 106)/ Philadelphia and eventually brought him to stations in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

Pre Fight Interview with Fight promoter Damon Feldman & Dannybonaduce.Net

Doug: How did the match between Bonaduce and Canseco come together ?

Damon: I was thinking of my next move, trying to make these events the WWE of boxing. Looking for what Danny was going to do next after fighting Bob Levy. He likes do in these types of matches. Canseco had done a match for me before. He lost but he was basically sick up to 6 oclock the night of the prior event. I work for both of them, asked if they wanted to do it and they agreed.

Doug: Any other key matches ?

Damon: We are also featuring former ECW’s the Sandman taking on Tom Robinson.

Doug: Who else is on the fight card that night ?

Damon: A lot of local up and coming guys from the area. We use a lot of local talent for the under card matches to give area fans a chance to see them.

Doug: Whats coming up with future promotions ?

Partridge Family Season 4 DVD just released ! Read Review

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By James Plath

Some sitcoms lose steam, but "The Partridge Family" just kept chugging along, buoyed by teen idol David Cassidy's mega-stardom and shows this season that featured his character, Keith Partridge, in all his big-hair, hair-flipping glory.

The Cowsills started it all in 1967 with a family act that featured a mother and her four sons and daughter performing, while the musically-challenged dad managed the group. People in the industry suspected they were a fake family, but they were the real thing, blending Beach Boys' harmonies with a straight soft-rock beat. Their success inspired "The Partridge Family," which aired between 1970-74.