Bonaduce to be back again?

Philly Inquirer

Danny Bonaduce as the new morning host on WYSP?

It could happen, as talks at the highest levels of WYSP parent CBS are in the works to import the Delaware County-born child star-turned-media personality, now doing a one-hour talk show for CBS's KLSX in L.A. Also being considered is sidekick Shila.

WYSP has been playing music in the morning since the firing of Kidd Chris in May.

WYSP chief Jim Loftus says Bonaduce, whom you may remember from Eagle 106 in the 1990s, made a great impression on local CBS-ers when he was in town last month to box (and beat) Bob Levy. Bonaduce signed autographs as part of a WOGL charity event.

When I suggested to Bonaduce that he was on a short list, Bonaduce replied, "At 5-foot-6, I'm on everybody's short list. . . . If they offered me a job in Philly, I would be on the next plane."

Hulk Hogan Celebrity Wrestling

Ten brave celebrities come together to learn, train and compete in competitive wrestling while being eliminated one by one each week based on judges' selections and head-to-head matches with one another. World champion wrestler Hulk Hogan, former president of World Championship Wrestling Eric Bischoff and professional wrestling manager Jimmy Hart.

The Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling cast includes:
- Danny Bonaduce - television and radio host, reality star and actor The Partridge Family

- Todd Bridges - television personality, actor Different Strokes

- ButterBean - super-heavyweight boxer

- Trishelle Cannatella - television personality, reality star Real World: Las Vegas

- Dustin Diamond - television personality, actor Saved by the Bell

Danny Bonaduce Gets Revenge for Levy Slap

Story by Gary Davis of Associated Content

Danny Bonaduce got his revenge. I reported recently on Associated Content that "The Reverend" Bob Levy slapped Bonaduce in the face last March and as a result the two set up a "boxing match" which was completed September 13, 2008.

As reported on lalate2 (video included), Bonaduce dropped Levy in the second round of the three, one-minute round affair. The length of rounds should give the reader some idea of the quality of the fight.

Help Danny and maybe Win an Iphone

Danny & Marina are in a contest hosted by CBS

the popular service that allows anyone to track every
message and rant they post online – whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook
or the obscurest of blogs.

From now until end of September, Danny and Marina will be battling it out
to see who can make the most clever and outrageous comments. Each week,
the outspoken competitors will be challenged to chime in anywhere online

Blast from the Past (2006) That is

Check out this promo video with the Hulkster from 2006.

Hogaduce Odd Couple
by starbex