Porn Actress Teams With Danny Bonaduce To Cook Up Anti-Hollywood Restaurant

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LOS ANGELES (TNA) – Planet Hollywood suddenly has competition, albeit a lot more sordid.

Veteran porn actress Raquel Devine,” revealed that she has teamed with Hollywood bad boy Danny Bonaduce to open up a Hollywood-themed restaurant chain that focuses on the “dark side” of Tinseltown.

The restaurant, the name of which she declined to reveal, will be decorated with celebrity mug shots, and feature whimsical items that play on the negative stereotypes of the Hollywood celebrity.

Danny's Top Ten (in his own words)

Bonaduce's 10 most outrageous moments, in his words:

1. 1990 arrest for assaulting a transvestite prostitute: "I became the Tabloid King at that point," he said. "Everybody else was getting arrested for drugs (at the time). Nobody else was getting arrested for beating up transvestite hookers."

2. Boxing with Donny Osmond and Barry Williams: "Imagine punching Donny Osmond in the face. How much have you ever wanted to do that?" he said. "And I got to do it over and over and over again. And, just for good measure, I beat the bejesus out of a Brady (Williams)."

3. His relationships: Bonaduce and Gretchen were married on their first date, 17 years before splitting in April. "When (Gretchen) asked me for a divorce, I was either going to blow my brains out or go to Starbucks. I picked Starbucks," where, he says, he met current girlfriend Amy Railback, 25.

Danny Bonaduce vs. Reverend Bob Levy

The match came about when Levy smacked Bonaduce and it was view over 3,000,000 times on the web and you tube and now the battle will happen as Gary Barbera's Celebrity Brawl for it All-Reality TV star and Celebrity Boxing Federation Middleweight champ Danny Bonaduce will take on Howard Stern regular the Revernd Bob Levy at the Marple Sports Arena 611 South Parkway in Broomall,Pa on September 13 at 7:30 P.M.

Bonaduce, Screech, Rodman Ready for Smackdown

Source: E!
Fed By: Josh Grossberg

Wrestlemania this ain't.

But CMT has rounded up the usual batch of semistars—Danny Bonaduce, Dennis Rodman and Dustin "Screech" Diamond, among them—to go a-grappling in Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

Danny helps roast Gene Simmons on Family Jewels

Check out Gene at A&E

On a recent episode of the Gene Simmons Family Jewels specially titled Gene Simmons Family Roast, Danny is one of the comedians and friends that was on the panel of roasters. Dice Clay, Carrot Top, Shannon, her sister, Nick and others were on hand to roast Gene in a 1 1/2 hour special. Danny told some jokes and then thanked Gene for all his help from years past.