Ranking Every Last Comic Standing Winner #7 - John Heffron - Dannys Sidekick

By Amanda Wicks | April 1, 2016 | 12:47pm

7. John Heffron: Heffron touts himself as an accessible comic whose material spans the typical comedian’s gambit: personal fare and observational bits about everyday life. Hailing from Detroit, Heffron honed his chops at the University of Michigan before becoming Danny Bonaduce’s radio sidekick, and eventually using his sense of humor to win Last Comic Standing’s second season. After winning the competition, Heffron put out a good deal of material, including his filmed special Middle Class Funny, four stand-up albums, two Comedy Central stand-up specials and even an advice book, I Come to You From the Future: Everything You’ll Need to Know Before You Know It. Plus, he’s still touring widely. It’s not the kind of comedy that makes critics sit up and take notice for being cutting edge, politically astute or culturally relevant, but Heffron brings his wry middle-class white guy take to a range of subjects that consistently draw laughs.