Fan does cover of That'll Be The Day

Here is the original Click Here

Listen to Jims version Click here

A little about Jim Stevens, He's located in Philadelphia, 35, and has been doin' music, on and off, for about 20 years, but focusing on it hardcore since 2007. The music is, to use a term, pop/rock, but the overall "message" LYRICALLY CAN be "labeled" as one of positivity, Love and Hope. He's a Partridge Family (SHOW and music) fan hardcore, and some of those songs are just classics, and that is what led to That'll Be The Day leading off the NEW album. From Jim: My newest release, “Connective Energies”, comes on the heels of major life changes over the last few years. During and just after these changes and events, I took the time and got totally re-connected with what I feel is really important in all our lives, both individually and collectively, as we cruise through our journeys on this planet. Jim's album is available on iTunes.